about michelle

Cincinnati-based singer/songwriter Michelle Hemmer blends rich harmony, relatable verse and powerhouse vocals to create a poppy, folk-rock Americana sound. Drawing on influences, such as Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, The Indigo Girls and Sheryl Crow, Michelle’s music feels right at home on your classic rock playlist, as well as your coffeehouse mix.

In 2020, Michelle released her first new music in over ten years, an EP titled, Ballerina. The soaring strings, savage guitar solos and seismic cymbal crashes of opener "So Strong" set the stage for an album that takes you from fist-pumping rock to contemplative acoustic bliss with it’s finale “Too Late.”

In 2010, she released the album titled, Beautiful Seconds. Beautiful Seconds bursts to life with bright and breezy acoustic tunes ("Just Drive", "Oh Yeah"), electric anthems ("I Forget Sometimes", “Easier"), visceral ballads ("6:35", "Find a Way") and alt-country ditties ("These Days", "Sorry Doesn’t Cut It Anymore") perfect for a long, summer drive with the top down.

Other works from Michelle Hemmer include: Michelle Lynn - a lush and masterful exploration of relationships. (released under artist name Michelle Lynn) Another Round - a vocal harmony-filled thrill ride. (released under artist name Dakota) Guess What - a rock-pop fusion. (released under artist name Dakota)

Michelle is hard at work writing songs for her next album and performing regularly around Cincinnati as both a solo act and member of The Duo-Jetts.

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